Welcome to Cygo

Our mission is to help people stay safe from cybercrime and online abuse

Our work


We connect you to support services, resources and tools needed to help minimise the impact of a cyber incident.  ​


We provide education programs, practical guidance and information on cyber safety and security. 


We partner with industry experts and academics to find evidence-based strategies on how best to approach cybercrime challenges.  


We champion everyone’s right to a safer and positive experience online. We advocate on behalf of individuals affected by cybercrime and online abuse.  

Our values

Empowering people

We are a strengths-based organisation. We believe in collaboration and excellence.

Be innovative

We always seek new and creative ways to improve and do things better.


We like what we do and aspire to always provide the most simple and effective solution to any problem. 


We incorporate social and environmental concerns in our practices and approach.

Our vision is to create an accessible and trusted platform that promotes a safer online world for everyone.